BEF Grant Cycle Update

The BEF Board would like to share an important update regarding this summer’s grant cycle. The next grant period would normally have a deadline of July 15th and thus result in a late July meeting for grant selection. The BEF Board met last week and voted unanimously to allocate $15,000 for a district-based grant initiative in lieu of our usual July grant cycle in light of the current Covid-19 crisis. This decision was made in consideration of the uncertainty surrounding the future of our students’ education going into next year and with the thought that individualized teacher-initiated grants do not seem to make the most sense at this time, given the many needs of the district as a whole as this situation is being navigated. The BEF is aware that our schools are facing budget shortfalls at a time when needs are increasing as a result of this crisis. And while we would never want to take away individual teachers’ opportunity to develop creative and innovative projects, the board agreed after discussing the idea with Assistant Superintendent Clifford, who serves as the BEF School Liaison, that such initiatives may not be a top priority at this time, especially given the need for so much additional transition preparation this summer. The grant committee will meet before the end of the school year to vote on proposals submitted by central administration to determine the exact use of this funding. Our entire organization extends our deepest gratitude to Bedford’s educators for their dedication and hard work during this unprecedented time, and we look forward to continuing our mission to provide vital funding to all Bedford’s schools.