Grant Criteria

Sponsored initiatives may be ideas or innovations that support current practice, that expand or enhance current practice, that approach framework requirements via alternative methodology, or that utilize technology to support, enhance or expand current practice.

One of the goals of the BEF is to allow teachers to pilot equipment, programs, and technology that are not currently used in the Bedford Public Schools. If a BEF-funded pilot is successful, the BEF will have met its mission, i.e. the funding that the BEF provided for SmartBoards, iPads, etc.  Further funding requests of a previously piloted grant should be directed to the Bedford School Department for consideration.

Your proposal should:

  • Reflect the BEF mission by being innovative and/or creative.
  • Have clearly defined goals, activities, and outcomes.
  • Be teacher/administrator-initiated.
  • Contain an evaluation mechanism that can accurately assess project outcome.
  • Have budget clarity.
  • Have a high probability of continuing without additional BEF funding.
  • Include materials from district-
approved vendors. At this time, IKEA and Walmart are not approved vendors. 
You can work with your building secretaries 
to find approved vendors.
  • Be consistent with school improvement plans and the Superintendent’s goals. The BEF will ensure that proposal reflects this by garnering support of proposal from the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Have the approval of the Systems Administrator, if your proposal includes technology equipment.  At least 10 days before the deadline, you must submit your proposal to the Systems Administrator to ensure that the equipment is compatible with Bedford School technology.

Our Grant Committee will consider the overall strength of each proposal. Proposals that positively impact larger portions of school population may be given priority. In addition, we try to ensure an equitable distribution of grants among the four schools.

What can be funded:
• Training related to implementation of the proposal
• Consultants’ fees
• Equipment, supplies, and materials required to implement the proposal

What cannot be funded:
• Items that the BEF has previously funded, unless the grant proposal clearly explains how the initiative is significantly different than the previously-funded project or addresses a different audience or age group.
• Travel will not be funded.
• Proposals for items that are typically funded within the school budget
• Salaried positions
• Basic school curriculum development
• Refreshments
• Decorations
• Projects more appropriately funded elsewhere (e.g. PTO or Athletic Association)
• Furniture