Our Mission

The Bedford Education Foundation (BEF) promotes classroom innovation and empowers teachers and students to meet the growing challenges of the 21st century. Through direct grants to individual classroom teachers and school administrators, and by collaborating with other established school organizations, the BEF is dedicated to enhancing classroom curricular creativity and innovation in the Bedford Public Schools. The BEF provides a unique and effective vehicle for the community at large to utilize its fiscal and intellectual capital to ensure that creativity and innovation are staples of any student’s experience in the Bedford Public Schools.

Many teachers have excellent ideas that would improve the classroom learning environment. Unfortunately, the capacity of the typical school budget and the budgets of existing parent groups to fund creativity and innovation is limited. The BEF, as a source of resources and grants, focuses on filling this void. With mechanisms that harness the fiscal and intellectual capital of Bedford’s parents and business community, and by serving as a bridge between the business/parent community and the Bedford Schools, our mission is to nurture the innate creativity of Bedford’s teachers as they and their students do the hard work inherent in learning. We are fortunate to live in a community committed to public education, rich in expertise, and generous in donating to worthwhile community efforts. We are counting on this tradition to provide the human resources critical to our success.

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