$10,000 Excellence in Teaching Grant

The Bedford Education Foundation recognizes and acknowledges the many demands and time constraints placed on Bedford’s excellent teaching staff. As part of BEF’s ongoing effort to promote classroom teacher creativity and innovation, we are offering a $10,000 Excellence in Teaching Grant to Bedford’s teaching staff. Summer provides an ideal time for teachers to explore and develop new approaches in their discipline.

The intent of this grant is to provide a grant opportunity that is larger in scope and value than the typical BEF grant. The teacher-initiated summer Excellence in Teaching grant is significantly different in that it provides an opportunity for a teacher stipend to be paid for summer work. In addition to summer stipends, the grant may fund equipment, supplies or expertise (during the summer or school year) that will allow dreams to become reality.

Click here for the grant application.

The grant application deadline is April 30. Technology grants are due to Colleen Murray (colleen_murray@bedford.k12.ma.us) by this date. Non-technology grants can be submitted online directly to Marge Heckman (maheckman@gmail.com).

We look forward to receiving your request.

Linda White, co-president, BEF
Marge Heckman, co president, BEF